McAfer International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

The headquarter is located in the northeast of Ruhr, Germany industrial base. It mainly develops, produces and sells all kinds of standard and special bearings for industrial application. After years of development, Seor has accumulated rich experience and professional skills, superior technical strength and product quality, and has established and improved a complete set of production and sales system. Seor bearing is widely used by international well-known industrial machinery production enterprises and end users, making great contributions to the development of bearing products and technical progress in the world. At present, it has branches in India, China, Canada, the United States, Sweden, Turkey, Russia and other countries. Seor brand has established a certain position in the international bearing market and has become a widely recognized high-quality bearing brand.

Seor is committed to the development, production and sales of high-quality bearings. With its strong innovation ability and global close service, the companys products are widely used in metallurgy, heavy mining machinery, port machinery, paper machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, cement, coal and other industries.

Seor will continue to improve the quality of products through the development of high quality products.



The company was incorporated in eslingen, Germany;


Obtain ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification;


Seor participated in the worlds leading industrial exhibition HANNOVER MESSE for the first time;


Seor brand has established a certain position in the international bearing market and has become a widely recognized high-quality bearing brand;


Phase II office building expansion;


The third international dealer conference was held in Germany;


Seor enters the Chinese market to provide customers with effective and reliable products and services.

Strict quality control, high quality bearing

With the continuous improvement of customer requirements and the increasing complexity of products, a stable and sustainable process management system across the whole supply chain is extremely important: from raw materials to parts and then to finished products. Through a comprehensive quality management system, we ensure that every batch of bearings meet the highest quality standards. All Seor bearings are subject to rigorous and well documented quality control. Using the most advanced testing instruments and following the most rigorous quality policy, we guarantee that every batch of bearings meet the highest quality standards.

Seor is certified by ISO 9001:2008 quality management system (scope: design, development, production and sales of bearings). The following is an example of our testing instrument:

Materials: spectrometer (chemical analysis), hardness tester.

Dimensions: height gauge, profile and roughness measuring instrument, CNC CNC measuring instrument, roundness instrument, large bearing measuring station.

Function: noise / vibration testing machine (GP1 and GP2).

In addition to the internal equipment, we also entrust external independent testing agency to carry out regular or special inspection to ensure the quality standard of Seor bearing.

Provide quality products, dedicated service, create worry free, customer satisfaction

We should lead the trend of the times with a flexible and dynamic corporate culture atmosphere, not stick to the status quo, lead the trend of the times, and flexibly respond to various challenges.

"To provide quality products, dedicated service, create worry free, customer satisfaction" is the goal and unremitting pursuit of Seor bearing staff.

Seor bearing employees should have the idea of globalization, carry out research, production and sales worldwide, understand the differences of different regions, and actively communicate. And act with a sense of mission to the region. Through the activities rooted in the local society, we can integrate into the local society harmoniously and do our best for the local prosperity. Comprehensively improve the comprehensive strength of enterprise competition, provide better products and better services for customers. Customer satisfaction is our driving force, customer trust is our reputation, lets work together for your machinery to lift the worry free sail, start a reliable work long voyage

Since the registration of Seor bearing, we always adhere to the business philosophy of "focusing on details and improving ourselves", and take "providing customers with good products and satisfactory after-sales service" as the development purpose of the brand. Through the innovation and integration of market, management and resources, a complete production and sales system is constructed to achieve the synchronous promotion of profit return, customer trust and innovation learning. The brand relies on the solid capital, the humanized management idea and the advanced marketing network, provides the high quality intimate service for the customer with the rich stock, the quick response and the high performance and the high quality product.

Seor Bearing Co., Ltd. believes that "enterprises are not only in pursuit of profits, but also have the value of existence only if they make contributions to the society".