Wind power generator


Wind power generator


Wind power is rapidly spreading around the world as a clean source of energy that does not produce the carbon dioxide that causes the greenhouse effect.

Large wind turbines (windmills) are giant machines. Many of the 2MW wind turbines under construction now have blades about 40 meters long, rotating shafts 60 to 100 meters high and weigh more than 200 tons. Therefore, the windmill bearings must also be large, the inner diameter range of 100 mm to 700 mm, some models, the inner diameter of nearly 2 meters of bearings. SEOR is one of only six suppliers of such large bearings. The wind turbine industry is now a global industry, so in addition to bearing manufacturing, marketing activities and technical services at major locations around the world are important.

Since the mid-1990s,SEOR has been involved in the windmill industry in Europe, where it had a dominant market position, and now supplies such bearings to the United States, China, India and others.SEOR bearings in the wind turbine market has been fully recognized by users, at present, the world's top 10 windmill manufacturers, 9 SEOR bearings, therefore, SEOR is making a contribution to the protection of the earth's environment.