SEOR provides high performance, high reliability and long-term maintenance free bearings (axles, drives, main motors) for railway vehicles to support the "safe and stable arrival" mission of the railway.

It has been widely used on the Shinkansen from the original Series 0 to the latest Series N700 as a vehicle bearing providing grease seal type and oil bath lubrication type. Furthermore, bearings for vehicles are closely related to safety, and SEOR has developed bearings with sensors for the purpose of monitoring the status of bearings. In addition, SEOR independently developed high reliability bearings with high strength retainers for nitriding on the basis of bearings for driving devices used in harsh vibration environment and specifications for resisting edge bite.

Furthermore, a retainer is developed for main motor bearings, which can meet the requirements of long maintenance cycle, excellent grease replenishing performance and active fault guarantee. The application of the original size of more than 2 times the life of the grease bearings. Using ceramic insulated bearings and resin insulated bearings to solve the maintenance problem of electrical food protection. SEOR, however, is in the process of obtaining American AAR certification for the use of sealed tapered roller bearings in truck bearings.