The motorcycle


The motorcycle


Each motorcycle is typically fitted with 20 to 30 bearings, though they vary depending on the model and construction. These bearings are used in the engine, gearshift, wheel and other important rotating parts to support driving, and they are responsible for reducing friction and promoting the transmission of engine power to the wheels.

Therefore, the performance required for motorcycle bearings is to achieve smooth rotation through low friction and vibration, and to ensure durability. These properties affect fuel consumption and safety, which are closely related to our lives. SEOR has always attached great importance to these details to improve people's quality of life and protect the earth's environment, and strive to carry out relevant development and the best design work.

As a widely used means of movement in the world and in various places in the motorcycle, always rely on the bearing to turn. These rotations allow the engine to transmit power that is comfortable to the rider and enable the car to move powerfully and smoothly. All of this is due to SEOR  bearings backed by SEOR technology. In order to make the motorcycle bring the riders in the world the happy driving, good operability and comfortable riding feeling as well as safe and reliable operation that they always hope, SEOR actively contributes its own strength, through the pursuit of smooth rotation of bearings, for the users of smooth and low loss of the future of dedication.