The car


The car


Since SEOR put Japan's first ball bearing on the market in 1916, its vision has been constantly broadened and it has made contributions to the development of various industries. In particular, SEOR early focus on entering the auto parts field, focusing on the performance and quality of products, and the joint development of the auto industry so far. Now, SEOR is expanding the capacity of all kinds of products that support the three main elements of cars, namely "drive, turn and stop", so that other peers cannot compete with me.

SEOR products, as an international brand of auto parts, are loved by customers all over the world, from various bearings to parts of automatic transmission gear, steering column couplings, and even electric power steering system (EPS) closely related to the 21st century steering technology, namely wire steering.

In addition,SEOR continuously improves the "operation and control" technology level formed by the integration of tribology technology (friction control technology) and electromechanical integration technology developed in the rolling bearing aspect, and rapidly responds to the extensive needs of customers in the global scope.

All kinds of SEOR products of automobile equipment can be said to have the functions and characteristics of "restraining friction and reducing energy consumption", and they can contribute to energy conservation and resource saving.SEOR with new technology, the future will continue to launch more environmentally friendly products, and can make the car more "peace of mind, safety, comfort" products.