Food equipment


Food equipment


Food equipment, the need to give full consideration to the health and safety of the food produced.

At the same time, each food production company in order to highlight the company's food characteristics, the use of original production equipment.

The food production process is generally divided into two parts: the pre-process (raw material processing, food manufacturing/processing) and the post-process (distribution/measurement, packaging/filling).

The pre-process includes raw material cleaning, segmenting and sorting, etc. According to different production methods, a variety of production equipment has been developed. In the post - working procedure, the precision and speed of the equipment are required.

In recent years, the emergence of foreign bodies in food and other problems has caused serious concern to the public about food safety. Therefore, food equipment is put forward to be safer, more reliable and more convenient maintenance requirements.

SEOR through the use of materials technology, lubrication technology and precision technology and other SEOR unique core technology, to meet the market demand, for the performance of food equipment has made a great contribution.