Pump and compressor


Pump and compressor


Pumps are used in petrochemical, paper, irrigation, food and all industries in the world. In addition, compressors are widely used in factory equipment, construction and civil engineering air source, home and business air conditioner, refrigerator, refrigeration storage and other purposes. Therefore, pumps and compressors are indispensable equipment for the industry. SEOR provides the most important element of these units, the bearings required for the "rotating" part, supporting all industry areas through the main unit.

The requirements for pumps and compressors are environmental protection, high reliability, energy saving and maintenance cost saving. SEOR is committed to the pursuit of the best design and improve the quality of production, to provide environmental protection, energy saving and reduce the cost of maintenance of a variety of long life, high capacity, high reliability bearing products.

In the future, SEOR will still focus on its comprehensive ability, attach importance to environmental protection issues, and launch more energy-saving products. In addition, efforts to develop a new generation of pumps and compressors can be long acclaimed.