Medical apparatus and instruments


Medical apparatus and instruments


As the global market for medical devices continues to expand, the global sales volume of medical devices in 2014 was approximately ¥30 trillion.

Medical instruments can be divided into two categories: therapeutic instruments (scalpel, medical catheter, pacemaker, contact lens, etc.) and diagnostic instruments (X-ray CT device, ultrasonic diagnostic device, MRI, etc.).

Among them, in order to strengthen the care of patients, X-ray CT device, ultrasonic diagnosis device, MRI and other image diagnosis medical system technology is constantly improving.

With the development of high speed and high precision diagnostic instruments, high speed, high precision, high rigidity, low vibration, low noise and no maintenance are required for bearing and linear products.

SEOR through the use of materials technology, lubrication technology and precision technology and other SEOR unique core technology, to meet the market demand, for the performance of medical devices has made a huge contribution.