Machine tool


Machine tool


SEOR is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can fully develop and provide machine tools required components (namely bearing, ball screw, linear guide, motorized spindle) products.

SEOR machine dedicated products include: with pride, ability of solid products from Japan and the UK manufacturing precision bearings and world-class capable of high-speed rotating one of the highest level of the motorized spindle, SEOR group based on the most advanced technology of ball screw and to ensure the quality and production technology of high precision manufacturing "SEOR linear guide".

With friction control technology as the core, SEOR has analytical technology that can completely reduce energy consumption, evaluation technology that can strictly measure the corresponding demand, and lubrication technology that can reduce energy consumption and high performance. In addition, SEOR strives to promote the research and development of key technologies in the material technology that can promote the long life of products, and strives to meet the requirements of high performance and environmental protection of precision bearings, so as to develop environmentally friendly products.

As a comprehensive manufacturer of mechanical components, SEOR not only meets customers' higher level requirements, but also helps customers realize all requirements from the early operation of machine tools to the overall optimization.